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In 2019, in Spain, the fever for self-consumption broke out reaching 459 MW.

— El periódico de la energía


Sotavento Galicia Foundation

In 2005, the Sotavento Galicia Foundation was established as a foundation for Galician interests and founded solely by Sotavento Galicia, S.A. Its creation responded to the need to distinguish between commercial and non-productive activities. Thus, its ultimate aims were to promote, raise awareness, distribute and encourage:

  • Education-information area
  • R+D area
  • Training area

20 years

of commercial activity and 10 of research and Educational-informational activities

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Bioclimatic House

Visitors can try out the applicability of renewables in a family home and the compare technological innovations in this field.

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Efficiency and Energy Saving, Non-Renewable Energy and Renewable Energy resources.

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Real time and historical data from our Eolian Facilities.

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