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Material Resources

Consisting of a large number of panels, models, actual installations, audio-visual material and publications, they mainly include:

Energy Models and Kits

Miscellaneous equipment that tries to explain in a practical and simple way different energy phenomena.

Energy Models and Kits

Real Renewable Installations

The existing energy installations themselves are part of the educational resources at the disposal of the visitors. The research project facilities that are developed at the Wind Farm also make up the training material.

Renewable Installations

Information Panels

Different information panels seek to address issues related to energy sources, with their uses, advantages, disadvantages, etc.

Information Panels

Computer Applications

Exclusively designed and developed based on feedback from visitors, to interactively allow access real-time data, historical data, consumption calculators, extrapolations, etc. (+ info)

Aplicaciones Informáticas

Audio-visual Material

Short videos explaining renewable energy in general and each type in particular.

Audio-visual Material


Different publications with distinct themes made to reinforce and facilitate the training work.

Publications - Stone Route

Publications - Mills in the World

Publications - Bioclimatic House

Publications - Energy Around you


Other constructively applied resources that permit the learning of ideas and concepts through physical handling.

Workshops (1)

Workshops (2)

Evaluative Games

Delving into the concept of learning through play, different games allow us to achieve our goals while assessing the effectiveness of the schemes.

Evaluative Games (1)

Evaluative Games (2)