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Aims of this Area

  • Promote the use and knowledge of renewable energy sources
  • Raise awareness about the need for savings and energy efficiency
  • Enable sustainable development and the future of our planet
  • Disseminating and technological developments
  • To provide to the Wind Farm the facilities and social outreach necessary to be an attractive and interesting centre for the population
  • To provide to people who visit it, the opportunity to acquire a greater sensitivity and awareness of the interrelationship between energy, depletion of energy resources, social welfare and the environment
  • Attaining participatory attitudes in protecting and improving the environment and the responsible use of energy in everyday life
  • Providing visitors with the ability to asses and analyse the energy situation around them, characterised by the depletion of traditionalenergy sources and the deterioration that it generates in the environment
  • Informing about the innovations and technological advances taking place in the field of energy production

Finalidades del Área