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Monitoring and communications

The Sotavento Wind Farm is connected to the outside world via broad band data redundancy that allows constant communication to be maintained with it:

  • Standard ADSL lines (streaming to the wind farm by means of fibre optics)
  • ADSL Wi-Fi access (reaches the wind farm via radio link)

Within the wind farm there are several subnets that allow different tasks and projects to develop with ease.

The medium used to transport information between the interior and exterior of the wind farm is single mode and multimode fibre optics, using only cabling structured in connection with the equipment.

The main subnets that exist are:

  1. Turbine network (Production)

    This communication network has been implemented for analysis in parallel with the data provided by the wind turbine SCADAs.

    Fibre optic subnet (with Token Ring topology) that connects all wind turbines with the control building.

  2. Operating network

    Subnet composed of all equipment dedicated to the operation from the technical point of view:

    • Segments of network and equipment of wind turbine SCADAs and substation
    • Segments of network and equipment of anemometer towers
    • Segments of network and equipment related to specific experimental projects

  3. Discovery Network

    Composed of all equipment dedicated to educational–discovery efforts:

    • Educators workstations
    • Interactive information-discovery points

  4. Network Servers

    Within the subnet of servers located in the rack room of the wind farm’s control building, are located all of the centralized information servers that provide various services to all of the other subnets. It is a DMZ (especially protected) network.

    Servers that it contains are:

    • File Server (Active Directory)
    • Data base Server (SQL Server)
    • Web server (Apache and Tomcat)
    • Real Time Server (SCADA real time data)
    • Application Servers (Projects, facilities, etc.).
    • Backup Server (NAS)

  5. Auxiliary Systems Network

    Network that contains auxiliary equipment, in common use, shared by the other subnets (printers, scanners, projection screens, etc.).

    All subnets are completely protected by a firewall system. All of the key equipment features an uninterrupted power supply (UPS).

Outline of communication networks at Sotavento Wind Farm
Outline of communication networks at Sotavento Wind Farm


The parameters of the wind facilities at Sotavento Wind Farm are stored in a data base and integrated into a download application. This application allows organizations, companies or universities that have Sotavento partnership agreements access to data needed for the development of projects.

To see the complete list of parameters stored at the premises of the wind farm and bioclimatic house go here.