Weather forecast

ENERGY - Real Time vs Prediction

Graph of contrasts

It is updated every hour in the first 10 minutes of the same one approximately.

The Sotavento website is brought up to date as information that is sent for intra-dailies and daily markets, referring to local hour.

  • Intra-dailies: 15:20, 20:20, 00:20, 03:20, 07:20, 11:20
  • Daily Market: 08:50

For the categorical prediction dates previous to these hours, the available observations (real dates); for the dates posterior to these hours, the predictions that have been corrected at the starting point, with these real dates.

WIND - Prediction

Daily bulletin with the wind predictions

It is updated every day at 19:00-19:15 UTC approximately.

rosa_meteologica rosa [Click here to see the updated graph]

The diagram represents the wind forecast for the anemometer on the farm, named Vv-AN06.

  • The forecast has a pursuit of 10 days. The temporary resolution is of 6 hours during the first 4 days of the pursuit, and daily from the 5 th day onwards. In the diagram, each column represents a day and each line an hour of the day (1 st line hour 06UTC, 2 nd line 12UTC, 3 rd line 18UTC, 4 th line 24UTC; 06UTC are 07 o'clock Spanish peninsular time during the winter and 08 o'clock during the summer). The 5 th line represents the daily average conditions. For example, the forecast for tomorrow at 18UTC will be the diagram situated in the 2 nd column, 3 rd line.
  • In each of the above mentioned positions, there is a compass card on which the probable wind forecast for that exact moment is represented. The compass cards have 8 arms (for the 8 main directions), each of them divided into 3 orders ( for different speeds: light, moderate and strong). The number that appears in each field indicates the probability (in %) that there is wind from this direction and of this speed. The central field of each compass card indicates the wind probability when it is calm. To visualize information more quickly, those fields with a high probability appear in dark blue and the ones with average probability in light blue.
  • In the left top corner of each compass card the forecast is expressed in categorical terms (not probabilistic ones).