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Bioclimatic House

The bioclimatic demonstration house is set within the Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm, north of the main building. Within its design, location and ground adaptation account was taken for climatic factors: solar radiation/sunlight, exposure to prevailing winds, ambient temperatures, and precipitation, etc., and other things like ground geomorphology, life cycle of materials, adjacent buildings and proximity to supply points. However, the fundamental criteria on which the design is based are: sustainability, energy efficiency and savings. To achieve this goal, the following measures implemented in the house can be divided into "passive" and "active" measures.

Bioclimatic House (1)

Passive measures:

Passive strategies are corrective or relief measures taken to improve the indoor environment without entailing additional energy consumption, essentially using methods inspired by the indigenous architecture, simple to apply and that which has worked in the past. Among the measures taken are:

  • Protection by sun shades and gallery
  • Use of Trombe walls
  • Holes with permanent and variable glass solar protection (motorized venetians)
  • Collection of rainwater
  • Water saving systems
  • Construction system

Active measures:

Active strategies are based on the energy efficiency of premises that meet the heating requirements, refrigeration and electrics in the house. These include:

  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • Small wind turbine
  • Solar heating
  • Biomass boiler
  • Geothermal heat pump
  • Evaporative cooler

Monitored parameters

The parameters stored and monitored for housing are those relating to:

  • Solar heating
  • Solar photovoltaic and small wind turbine
  • Heat generation facilities: biomass boiler and heat pump
  • Premises temperatures of floors, walls and ceilings

Bioclimatic House (2)

Access and download data

The parameters of the bioclimatic house at Sotavento Wind Farm are stored in a database and integrated into an application for downloading data. This application allows organizations, companies or universities that have Sotavento partnership agreements access to data needed for the development of projects.

To see the complete list of parameters stored in the premises of the wind farm and bioclimatic house go here.