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Small Wind Turbine

At the Sotavento Wind Farm there is, so far, only one small wind turbine installed. Like the rest of the facilities there is monitored and stored information regarding the main parameters.
The power rating of the turbine is 1.5 kW. The installation, as with the solar photovoltaic, is included within the aim of covering the electricity needs in the bioclimatic house.
It is located at the north east end of the house on a self-supporting tower at the height of 8 metres. The wind turbine is the two-bladed type, with an upwind passive orientation.

Small Wind Turbine (1)

Technical Description

The model of the wind turbine is the BORNAY 1500 INCLIN, with blades made of fibre glass and carbon fibre. The generator is of the synchronous type, tri-phasic with neodymium permanent magnets, these being responsible for transforming the mechanical energy supplied by the electric power blades. The generated alternating current is of variable frequency and voltage. Therefore, in the plant room, it is rectified through an inverter to DC, then returning to be transformed into appropriate alternating current of the power and frequency suitable for injection into the network.
Both electrical and weather variables are monitored and stored, in order to evaluate the behaviour of this mini-turbine:

Monitored Parameters

  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • Voltage, current, active and reactive power on the AC side
  • Instantaneous power
  • Cumulative generated energy

Turbine Features

Make and Model BORNAY Inclin 1500
Nº blades 2
Diameter 2.86 m
Blade Material Fibreglass / carbon
Generator type Triphasic of permanent magnets
Magnets Neodymium
Output Rating 1,500 W
Voltage Rating 120 Vac
Wind to start 3.5 m/s
Wind for output rating 12 m/s
Wind for automatic braking 14 m/s
Weight 42 Kg

Inverter Features

Make and Model BORNAY Aurora 3600
Maximum AC power 3,600 W
AC voltage 0-600 V
AC output voltage 230 V - 50 Hz
Maximum output current 16 A
AC connection Monophasic
Efficiency 96.0 %

Demo application

Sotavento has a demo application, visual and interactive, allowing you to view the system data in real time and perform multiple calculations and extrapolations.

Small Wind Turbine (2)

Access and download data

The system parameters of the small wind turbine at Sotavento Wind Farm are stored in a database and integrated into an application data download. This application allows organizations, companies or universities that have Sotavento partnership agreements access to data needed for the development of projects.

To see the complete list of parameters stored in the premises of the wind farm and bioclimatic house go here.