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Solar Heat

The solar heating system is located on the south-facing roof of the bioclimaticdemonstration house locatedwithin theSotaventoExperimental Wind Farm. It consists of eight 2.5 m2 solar thermal absorbers each, adding a total area of 20 m2 of catchment.

Solar Heat (1)

The facility is south facing (180 °) and integrated on the roof of the house with an inclination of 19 degrees. The hydraulic connection between the panels is carried out in parallel, distributed in two banks of four. The sensors provide the capture of solar energy to the heating and hot water system through an inter accumulator tank of 1,000 litres. This energy is used to produce hot water and contribute to all-round heating. The system of thermal emitters in the house is under-floor heating, one of its characteristics being that it operates at low temperatures, in the typical range 35 °C - 45 °C. So, facilities with this type of emitters allow a percentage of the heating energy demand to be made by a solar installation, as long as external environmental conditions and internal demand of the building permit.

Solar Heat (2)

Monitored parameters

  • Temperature of the fluid in the inlet and outlet of the upper battery
  • Temperature of the fluid in the inlet and outlet of the lower battery
  • Fluid temperature at the entrance and exit to the solar inter accumulator
  • Solar inter accumulator temperature at three levels
  • Relative humidity
  • Horizontal Irradiance
  • Rainfall data
  • Wind speed and direction

Solar panel features

Model SchücoSol S.2
Nominal thermal rating (W) 2,000
Efficiency (%) 78.1
Loss ratio k1 (W/m2K) 3.902
Loss ratio k2 (W/m2K2) 0.008
Factor correction rad. inclin k(50). 0.98
Panel area (m2) 2.69
Dimensions (mm) 2152 x 1252 x 93
Weight 57.5

Demo application

Sotavento has a demo application, visual and interactive, allowing you to view the system data in real time and perform multiple calculations and extrapolations.

Solar Heat (3)

Access and download data

The parameters of the thermal installations at Sotavento Wind Farm are stored in a database and integrated into an application for downloading data. This application allows organizations, companies or universities that have Sotavento partnership agreements access to data needed for the development of projects.

To see the complete list of parameters stored in the premises of the wind farm and bioclimatic house go here.