A new system to carry out exterior maintenance jobs in aerogenerators is being tested at Sotavento

During the program for the implantation of work procedures that improve safety conditions of its staff, the aerogenerator producer Vestas Eólica S.A. has tested a nes crane-lorry supplied with the latest technology for jobs in heights.

This new kind of platforms allows the working in aerogenerators at a maximum height of 70 metres, improving considerably the safety of the different maintenance jobs that are necessary for a good working of the machines. Furthermore, due to their exclusive design for this type of performances, they facilitate the jobs and increase their working possibilities.

Vestas Eólica S.A. has chosen the Sotavento Experimental Windfarm as the perfect place to show the efficiency of this system because there are aerogenerators of different technologies and heights. The event, which took place on December 16th, was attended by producers as well as maintenance staff of the main firms of this sector in Galicia.