The solar firm PST installs in Sotavento its new thermodynamic solar panels

Solar PST, a firm situated in A Coruña, has installed in Sotavento its thermodynamic solar panels. This new technology combines the principles of heat pump with solar energy in order to produce hot water.

The functioning, according to the firm, is created by the circulating of a fluid, able to extract the heat from the environment and transmit it to water by using solar radiation as well as air and rain temperature, according to the principles of the French physician Carnot.

A fluid enters the solar panels in a liquid form at -5/-15ºC. This fluid is a refrigerant. The panels capture solar radiation during sun hours, absorb the superior ambient temperature during the whole day and the one from rain when it rains. This variation of temperature makes the fluid gasify, being sent to a thermodynamic block.

At this point, the compressor of the block, by pressure, elevates the fluid’s temperature to 110/120ºC, which is transmitted to the water circuit by a temperature exchanger.

The equipment implemented in Sotavento shows, in a real way, the necessary installation for the consumption of hot water of a 5-person-family and is formed by an only panel of 8kg, connected to a 300 litre tank. It was installed at the end of June and can be visited and proved from Monday to Sunday, within the visit hours of the wind farm, which you can find in this website. This technology can also be used to heat houses and pools.

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