Sotavento and the Vertical Partner company sign an agreement of collaboration for the formation and training of technical specializing personnel

The formative activities, which carry out in the facilities of the Experimental Wind Farm Sotavento, centre on works on height by means of suspension with ropes and are destined for the repair, inspection and cleanliness of spades and towers.

The cleanliness of spades is a maintenance that must be realized from time to time to optimize the performance of the wind turbines. The innovation of these actions centres on the employment of equipments that allow the descent from the top of the towers instead of using derricks.

Given the situation of Galicia as for its wind potential, the actions directed to facilitate and optimize the maintenances of the wind turbines of more than 120 Galician wind farms, receive an enormous importance. Let’s remember that Galicia is a worldwide wind power counting with near 3,000 MW of installed power and with approximately 4,000 wind turbines.

Besides the educational and investigative activities, Sotavento also is a protagonist of this type of formative activities directed to the technical specialization and to the optimization of the utilization of the wind resource.