Sotavento presents a new guide on saving and energetic efficiency

On the occasion of the celebration of the World Day of the Environment, the Foundation Sotavento Galicia presents a new guide destined to foment the saving and the efficiency in the use of the resources. The aim of this publication is that the readers are aware of the importance of changing their habits in order to achieve a model of sustainable development that allows the conservation of the planet.

Under the title “Abre a porta do aforro e a eficiencia enerxética”, the document was divided in three principal areas that affect in environmental basic aspects. The use and consumption responsible for the water, for the electricity and for the transport appears of schematic form and with realistic, practical and daily advices.

This guide, who will submit free to the people who visit the Experimental Wind Farm Sotavento, comes to reinforce and to improve the contents and equipments extend that the Foundation Sotavento Galicia destines to foment the saving and energetic efficiency among more than 20.000 annual visitors that it receives.