Sotavento is highlighted as an example of good practice by UNESCO

Sotavento was highlighted as an example of good practice by RENFORUS initiative (Renewable Energy Futures for UNESCO Sites).

The main objective of this initiative, which involves territories distributed in 117 countries around the world, is to provide the international community with global climate change field observatory sites involving the sustainable use of environmentally sound renewable energy sources in UNESCO Sites (Biosphere reserves and World Heritage Sites).

RENFORUS promotes good practice case studies, namely projects that have demonstrated positive results in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency and have the potential to be replicated.

Sotavento is a successful example of public private partnership initiative that combine their efforts in the field of renewable energy, linking power generation with the educational activity and the ability to create a smart offer for visitors in a biosphere reserve.

The Wind Farm is located in “Terras do Miño” Biosphere Reserve and it was included in the category of “RES – Education&Tourism” because it opens the possibility to develop new forms of intelligent and responsible tourism, where renewable energy knowledge becomes an attractive.

Its selection of Good Practices was made in respect to the following key criteria: Representativeness, sustainable energy governance, diversity of scope and outcomes, effectiveness and successfulness, environmental sustainability, economic feasibility and technical practicability, participatory approach, replicability and adaptability, relevance for local energy sustainability, etc.

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