Sotavento working with the Automotive Technology Center of Galicia (CTAG) in a study of existing charging points in Galicia.

On August 3, the Automotive Technology Center of Galicia (CTAG) visited the facilities of the Experimental Wind Farm Sotavento for a study on electric vehicles and charging points available on the premises.

This study of public charging points for electric vehicles in Galicia falls within one of the activities developed in the framework of Transboundary Mobi2Grid Project, which is being carried out through cross-border cooperation between Galicia CTAG center and the Staff Portuguese for Excellence and Innovation in the Automotive Industry (CEIIA).

“Mobi2Grid” takes as its main objective to position the Euroregion as an early adopter of electric mobility based on renewable energy sources through the implementation of an integrated and interoperable system between the two regions with the completion of a pilot test with electric vehicles between the broker electric mobility Vigo – Oporto.

Leeward collaboration in the “Mobi2Grid” project is mainly based on the provision of data on sustainable mobility in the area of influence of the Experimental Wind Farm Sotavento, as well as technical specifications and use of the charging point is available onsite.