The School Jesuítas Sarriá Sant Ignasi of Barcelona repeated his visit online at Sotavento

For the second consecutive year the School Jesuítas Sarriá Sant Ignasi of Barcelona participate in online educational activities taught by Sotavento.

It is an activity in which about 200 students from primary of the center, during which they could see first hand the facilities of Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm and answer your questions on renewable energy and energy efficiency have participated. This type of online activities are possible thanks to the different ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and computer means at its disposal Sotavento in conjunction with the computer resources available in schools, such as whiteboards …

The online educational activities start at Sotavento in 2015 and since then there are several centers interested in this initiative probably unique in Galicia. This activity provides an opportunity to visit Sotavento for many students living far areas of the park.