Sotavento commemorates “World Energy Efficiency Day”

Since 1998, every 5 March, World Energy Efficiency Day has been celebrated. It was during the 1st International Conference on Energy Efficiency held in Austria where it was decided to set a date for all citizens to reflect on the problem of abusive use of fossil fuels and the importance of starting to use alternative energy sources.

One more year, Sotavento joined the commemoration of this event focusing its activities of the week of March 6 to 12, mainly to the disclosure of aspects related to saving and energy efficiency.
More than 300 people, coming from the four Galician provinces, toured the facilities of Experimental Sotavento Wind Farm, proving that a simple gesture can have great environmental and economic advantages without affecting our quality of life.

Conscious of the importance of saving and efficiency measures must become a daily routine, Sotavento invited the participants to deposit their energy efficiency advice, in order to know which are the most used savings measures by the citizenship.

At the end of the week and the results analyzed, 43% of those surveyed believe that more bioclimatic housing should be built, 26% think that more electricity should be saved, while 22% of respondents stressed the need to save water, with a remaining 9% that indicating the importance of solar utilization.