In its sixteenth anniversary Sotavento exceeds the quarter of a million visitors

Sotavento celebrates its sixteenth anniversary receiving in its facilities the visitor number 250.000.

It is 16 years since the current King of Spain, Philip VI, inaugurated the facilities of the Experimental Wind Farm of Sotavento. Since then, more than a quarter of a million people from different backgrounds, ages and groups have visited the facilities of the park participating in its activities.

A successful track record in raising awareness of renewable energies and energy efficiency, which is backed by the many national and international awards received over the last 16 years. Noting the recognition of UNESCO in 2014, which names Sotavento as a case of “Good Practices” and includes it in its publication of the 32 cases of outstanding successes and world-wide level. Only three places in Spain have this mention: Fuerteventura, the island of Hierro and Sotavento.

The firm commitment from the beginning for a flexible educational project, experimental and dynamic in the time, that 16 years later Sotavento continues being a reference in the energetic education.

The celebration of this anniversary coincides with the end of the academic year 2016/2017, during which Sotavento received in its facilities more than 9,417 people distributed in a total of 262 visits.
A course in which the visits made by students of secondary education and technical groups stand out, both collective represent more than 63% of the total visits.
Collectives coming mainly from the Autonomous Community of Galicia, although many students and researchers from all over the world are interested in the Sotavento project, coming to highlight it as unique in the world and creator of trends and vocations in the field of energy, since many of the students who once visited the facilities of the Experimental Wind Farm of Sotavento to date work in this sector.