A total of 50 women and men involved in the educational and informative proposal on renewable energies developed by Proxecto Home Galicia in collaboration with the Xunta de Galicia, participated in the practical activities developed by Sotavento on Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm.

This initiative is part of the commitment of the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Industry to promote technologies that allow promoting energy efficiency. Always noted for its practical charater, this initiative not only allows to train participants in renewable energy, but also offers them an alternative projection in the labor market.
Main reason by which once again have chosen Sotavento as an ideal place in the framework of RES and energy efficiency, where their students practical way can expand their knowledge.

During the activity, young people have completed different activities related to renewable energy, management of solar panels, entered into a wind turbine, visited the plant accumulation of hydrogen, etc. They could also see firsthand measures energy efficiency and automation in the bioclimatic demonstration house.

This visit is in addition to another done by the entity in November to the park facilities, so that there are more than a hundred young people involved in the project who have visited the facilities of the Experimental Wind Farm Sotavento.

Sotavento participated with their education project at the First Fair of Energy of Galicia held from 14 to 16 April at the premises International Fair of Galicia Abanca from Silleda.

Throughout the three days, more than five hundred schoolchildren from nearby schools participated in the activities Sotavento. To this figure we must increase unscheduled visits as well as the general public. In total, 5,500 people, according to the event organizers.

In a space dedicated 100% to the dissemination and awareness of renewable energies and energy efficiency, visitors could see first hand the renewable energy sources, data on electricity consumption, advice related to energy efficiency and even enjoy the benefits sustainable mobility with the experience of driving a car or electric bike. Among many other activities it should be noted workshops dedicated to children, where they learned in a fun way the many advantages of wind with the development of different types of kites.

This first meeting of the energy sector in Galicia, which attracted more than 92 exhibitors coming from Spain, France and Portugal, with a total of 239 firms and over 74 conference was opened by the vice president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, and Regional Minister of Economy, Employment and Industry, Francisco Conde. Although throughout the three days were many other authorities who visited the site, as the Managing Director of Energy and Mines, Angel Bernardo Tahoces or the Regional Minister of Education and Culture of the Xunta de Galicia Roman Rodriguez.

As usual for some years Sotavento collaborates with Project Interchange Climántica 2016. An initiative whose main objective is the search for educational responses to climate change through exchanges of scientific and environmental education between regions and countries involved in the project.

On Thursday 31 March, Sotavento received his sight at its facilities in nearly a hundred students from the Colegio Decroly of La Laguna (Canary Islands) and the IES Rosalia de Castro of Santiago de Compostela, immersed centers at this time in the Climántica project with an exchange between their students.

In each exchange the key aspects of the two communities for mitigation and adaptation to climate change are compared: transformation and adaptation of fossil fuels, water management, renewable energies impact of, etc …
To achieve this, scientific equipment and environmental disclosure are selected together with contexts that stand out for being quality resources, the main reason to the visit to the Experimental Wind Farm Sotavento is usual within this initiative.

For the second consecutive year the School Jesuítas Sarriá Sant Ignasi of Barcelona participate in online educational activities taught by Sotavento.

It is an activity in which about 200 students from primary of the center, during which they could see first hand the facilities of Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm and answer your questions on renewable energy and energy efficiency have participated. This type of online activities are possible thanks to the different ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and computer means at its disposal Sotavento in conjunction with the computer resources available in schools, such as whiteboards …

The online educational activities start at Sotavento in 2015 and since then there are several centers interested in this initiative probably unique in Galicia. This activity provides an opportunity to visit Sotavento for many students living far areas of the park.

On August 3, the Automotive Technology Center of Galicia (CTAG) visited the facilities of the Experimental Wind Farm Sotavento for a study on electric vehicles and charging points available on the premises.

This study of public charging points for electric vehicles in Galicia falls within one of the activities developed in the framework of Transboundary Mobi2Grid Project, which is being carried out through cross-border cooperation between Galicia CTAG center and the Staff Portuguese for Excellence and Innovation in the Automotive Industry (CEIIA).

“Mobi2Grid” takes as its main objective to position the Euroregion as an early adopter of electric mobility based on renewable energy sources through the implementation of an integrated and interoperable system between the two regions with the completion of a pilot test with electric vehicles between the broker electric mobility Vigo – Oporto.

Leeward collaboration in the “Mobi2Grid” project is mainly based on the provision of data on sustainable mobility in the area of influence of the Experimental Wind Farm Sotavento, as well as technical specifications and use of the charging point is available onsite.

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