Education-Information Plan

Information and training objective

Bringing visitors to the energy situation

Adapting the message to their knowledge

So playful and fun

The Education-Information Plan aims to bring the energy issue to the population from an objective, constructive and contextualised perspective. The idea is to provoke reflections within the public that lead them to take measures to use energy rationally, while aiming to answer the many concerns about energy issues that are made each day. Among the general objectives we have:

  • To bring the world of energy to society, fostering a reflective and thorough knowledge about the different possibilities offered
  • To be committed to supporting the teaching done in schools, both formal and non-formal
  • To be a centre of information for all segments of the population who have an interest or interests in the field of renewable energy
  • To enable visitors to acquire experience and knowledge to get acritical and contextualised understanding of the major environmental problems generated by human intervention in the environment. The Sotavento Educative Plan aims to facilitate this understanding, bringing the visitor a taste of technological reality and existing energy
  • To embellish the activities carried out with fun as well as educational aspects, for the purpose of encouraging and promoting learning