In a world characterised by the depletion of energy resources and serious environmental problems arising from excessive energy consumption, it seems appropriate to try to become aware of the need to promote new development models that help diversify energy sources while promoting savings and responsible energy use. In this respect, Sotavento’s information project aims at a quality environmental education, interpreting this as being the teaching by which individuals become aware of the impact of human activities on the environment, encouraging reflection of responsible and efficient use of energy resources in particular and environmental problems in general. Always aimed at creating an individual commitment of social participation, we understand, as well as being publicised from the European Union, that environmental education is a key element for the future of the planet.

Thanks to this plan that started in 2002, the Sotavento Galicia Foundation has, in recent years, become a benchmark in energy education and information. Energy sources, the commitment to efficiency and energy conservation and their relationship with environmental issues are, in short, the building blocks that underpin this project.