ANEMOS. Eolian prediction in the European Union

El objetivo perseguido era efectuar un análisis detallado del estado del arte de las técnicas de predicción del potencial eólico, mediante la experimentación y estudio comparativo de diversas opciones


The vast expansion that wind energy has had on our country has placed Spain in a leading position worldwide in the energy sector. However, the intermittent nature of the wind resource makes it difficult to predict production and thus its further integration into the electrical system.

Therefore, it was necessary to develop advanced forecasting tools that would improve the management of wind energy and its competitiveness, facilitating maintenance operations and facilitating its integration on a larger scale in the context of a liberalised electricity market. In this direction an intense research activity has been developing.


ANEMOS project has been a European R&D sponsored by the European Commission under the 5th Programme Framework. The aim was toper form a detailed analysis of state-of-the-art forecasting techniques for wind potential, through experimentation and comparative study of various options to develop optimal solutions that facilitate the integration of wind power into the electricity system at the time of project development.

Predictive models tested were as follows:

Prediction Model Organisation
Prediktor Riso (Denmark)
WPPT IMM Technical University of Denmark (Denmark)
Zephir, Combination of WPPT and Prediktor Riso and IMM (Denmark)
Previento University of Oldenburg (Germany)
AWPPS París School of Mining/ ARMINES (France)
Local Pred CENER (Spain)
HIRPOM University of Cork (Ireland) and Danish Meteorological Institute
SIPREÓLICO University Carlos III (Spain)
AWPT ISET (Germany)


The various activities that have taken place throughout the project are included in ten phases:

  1. State-of-the-art. Needs Assessment. Data acquisition and analysis
  2. Evaluation of existing prediction techniques
  3. Improvement and development of statistical models
  4. Development of physical models
  5. Prediction in off-shore wind farms
  6. Development of ANEMOS prediction platform
  7. Installation for on-line operation
  8. Evaluating on-line operation
  9. Dissemination of results
  10. Coordination


Participating in this project were the main organisations with experience in wind forecasting, along with a select group of developers and power companies, aimed at maximizing the benefits of using this prediction tool.

Project coordination was performed by the Paris School of Mining (ARMINES).

Spain participated in the IDAE, CIEMAT, CENER, EHN, Carlos III University and REE.

The other participants were:

  • EdF, ARIA Technologies, Meteo France and the Paris School of Mining in France
  • RISOE, DTU, ELSAM in Denmark
  • Oldenburg University, EWE and Overspeed in Germany
  • ESB in Ireland
  • NTUA, PPC – Crete in Greece
  • CLRC in England


Completed and delivered findings report in November 2007.


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