SIMIVE. Interactive mobile system for the study of electric vehicles

Este proyecto consiste en una aplicación informática que nos permite obtener datos reales en condiciones normales de uso de un vehículo eléctrico. La idea es comprobar empíricamente las capacidades y posibilidades de este tipo de vehículos.


Since years ago, the electric vehicle is one of the key elements of mobility, both for its intangible advantages of energy saving and respect for the environment, as a valuable tool to optimize the management of the electrical system and self-consumption.

The growing supply of electric vehicles makes people wonder more and more about the operation and characteristics of these types of vehicles. This project consists of a computer application that allows us to obtain real data under normal conditions of use of an electric vehicle. The idea is to check empirically the capabilities and possibilities of this type of vehicles.


From the scientific-technical point of view, we created the Interactive Mobile System for the Study of Electric Vehicles (SIMIVE). It is an interactive application which allows us to visualize different routes made in an electric vehicle, comparing their profiles, speeds, recharges and costs. In addition, these data can be compared with those of a combustion vehicle and observe the economic and environmental saving.


The hardware of this new application consists of a GPS to record the routes with the vehicle, a computer and a network analyzer to store the data of the recharges. These records are interrelated and stored in a database. The application software allows us to display the data in an attractive and interactive way while allowing the realization of experiments under real conditions of use.


The project was completed in 2013. Currently, data can be collected to monitor different routes.