One more year Sotavento collaborates with the Project Climántica

As usual for some years Sotavento collaborates with Project Interchange Climántica 2016. An initiative whose main objective is the search for educational responses to climate change through exchanges of scientific and environmental education between regions and countries involved in the project.

On Thursday 31 March, Sotavento received his sight at its facilities in nearly a hundred students from the Colegio Decroly of La Laguna (Canary Islands) and the IES Rosalia de Castro of Santiago de Compostela, immersed centers at this time in the Climántica project with an exchange between their students.

In each exchange the key aspects of the two communities for mitigation and adaptation to climate change are compared: transformation and adaptation of fossil fuels, water management, renewable energies impact of, etc …
To achieve this, scientific equipment and environmental disclosure are selected together with contexts that stand out for being quality resources, the main reason to the visit to the Experimental Wind Farm Sotavento is usual within this initiative.