Sotavento Galicia Foundation offers a unique environment for conducting coherent and contextualized educational activities in the field of energy owing to an ample amount of real energy transformation installations. Moreover, the equipment at the centre is complemented by an experienced multidisciplinary team of educators.

Facilities interior

Aula divulgativa

Education-Information Classroom

The central space of the building, designed to provide information about renewable energy to all sectors of the population. It is a space where you can access a wealth of information on renewable energy sources from different many view points.Different models, panels and interactive applications illustrate the operation of these energies, enabling their comparison with conventional energy.

On the veranda, the second floor of the classroom, exhibits are usually housed that support the different content discussed at Sotavento.


Energy Efficiency Room

The room has exclusive Internet applications where visitors can try out practical, interactive energy saving and efficiency measures related to lighting, the use of appliances, transportation, etc.

Multifunction Room / Auditorium

This is an area of about 100 m2 used for all kinds of activities from events, lectures, and seminars, to an area for workshops and skills practice.

Control Room

This is where the production and behaviour of the different technologies present among the Sotavento wind turbines are supervised. It's also where project information that is carried out at the facility is centralised.

Energy Workshop

Designed so that visitors could observe the operation of the machines more directly.

This features real turbines with their various components. The area is complete with heating systems and information panels.