Sotavento Galicia Foundation

In 2005, the Sotavento Galicia Foundation was established as a foundation for Galician interests and founded solely by Sotavento Galicia, S.A. Its creation responded to the need to distinguish between commercial and non-productive activities. Thus, its ultimate aims were to promote, raise awareness, distribute and encourage:

  • Educational-informational activities and energy education focused on renewable energy, energy saving, energy efficiency and its relationship with environmental issues.
  • R+D and other research and experimentation activities related to wind energy and other renewables.
  • Training activities in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency in order to achieve an improvement in their implementation and innovation.

The Foundation operates on the premises of Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm. These activities focus on three areas:

  • Education-information area
  • R+D area
  • Training area