The Galician Government has opted decisively for renewable energy, especially wind energy, by developing the Galician Wind Farm Plan.

Within this framework, the Ministry of Economy and Industry has promoted and developed the idea of not restricting the Galician Wind Farm Plan exclusively to the commercial sector, instead aiming to create a wind farm that was economically profitable in addition to pursuing innovative objectives in the fields of information, training and research.

From this project in 1997 emerged Sotavento Galicia, S.A., a company that put the Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm into operation in 2001.

In this company, promoted by the Galician Government and chaired by Energy Institute of Galicia (INEGA), two public entities make up 51% of the social capital: Galician Energy Institute (INEGA) and the Institute for the Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE), and three private companies representing the electricity sector in Galicia: Enel Green Power Spain, S.L., Iberdrola, S.A. Galicia Energy, S.A. (ENGASA).

The objective of SOTAVENTO, according to its fundamental purpose, is to pursue the commercial exploitation of four objectives that would be difficult to be considered solely by private initiatives:

  • To be a "showcase" wind farm with different wind farm technologies
  • To be a service facility for the renewable energy sector and for energy saving and efficiency, in which they can develop R&D projects and activities
  • To be a centre for training and discussion of energy issues
  • To become an informational and promotional center for renewable energy and energy saving and efficiency

Showcase Wind Farm

A “showcase” wind farm, in the sense that within only ONE wind farm is found different wind turbine technologies is representative of the Galician wind farm industry at the moment of their implementation.

This wind farm consists of 24 wind turbines from 5 different technologies and a total of 9 different machine models.

Framework for research and development activities

An experimental wind farm in which there are different wind farm technologies present, as well as other structures such as a bioclimatic demonstration house and various displays, makes it an ideal place for the development of R&D projects.

The Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm has been provided with the technical means and facilities that allow this type of action.


Number of wind turbines


Technologies present


Different models

+ 17 MW

Power rating of the wind farm

+ 33 GWh

Average annual generation

9 Km

Energy feed line to the substation at A Mourela in As Pontes (A Coruña)

on the east-west axis

Prevailing winds

+ 6 m/s

Average wind speed at the site