Active and participatory

Adapted to knowledge and characteristics


The methodology used at Sotavento attempts to help citizens develop the skills to respond in an active and critical way to the environmental problems that society makes. Sotavento tries to transform teaching into learning, offering visitors an opportunity for reflection, analysis and study of various sources of energy, energy efficiency and energy savings.

It is also intended to promote meaning ful learning by adapting activities and explanations to the different ages, characteristics, prior knowledge and concerns of its visitors. As far as possible, operation and experimentation create a fundamental resource to strengthen and implement the knowledge acquired. Also, another common methodological aspect at all levels is the entertaining nature of the activities, essential for fun during the visit, but also for dealing with a more positive integration of different content.

Our methodology is intended to be dynamic, open and flexible, so we will consider educational feedback, introducing any amendments as necessary, according to data obtained both by customer evaluations made after each visit and self-assessments by the education – information team.

This methodology is equally present in both formal educational groups, as well as any type of visit that is accessed at our facilities.