Supervision of electrical installations at Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm. Selectivity of protection

Estudio profundo de las infraestructuras eléctricas, con el objeto de situarse en las condiciones óptimas de explotación y operación con el parque eólico como central de generación.


At each stage for the installation of a wind farm (design, construction and installation, commissioning and operation) coordination is needed between the wide variety of companies involved (technicians, engineering, fitters) towards the proper functioning of the electric generation plant. In Sotavento Wind Farm this diversity is accentuated with the existence of five different technologies of wind power generation systems.

Therefore, from the Sotavento Experimental Wind Farm, a thorough study has been made of the electricity infrastructure, in order to be in optimal operating conditions and operate the wind farm as a generation plant.


The project analysed, from the electro-technical point of view, the different electrical components of the network of BT, MT, Substation and 132 kV line of the wind farm, allowing for the defining of protocols in the design and maintenance in various fields of wind turbines:

  • Adequacy of installed electrical equipment, insulation levels, land networks and dimensioning of reactive compensation system
  • Study of electrical protections electivity at different voltage levels
  • Plan of preventive and corrective electrical installations
  • Determination of behaviour by the technology and by the wind farm of the most important electromagnetic aspects


The tasks done in this project were mainly the following:

  1. Engineering supervision at electrical plan operating level. Analysis of: substation, lines, wiring of power wind turbines, selected protection at each turbine and settings implanted in the substation
  2. Monitoring general features of MV and HV control gear and verification of their proper dimensioning
  3. Monitoring protections settings of MV and HV. Study of selectivity by the calculation of single and three phase faults at different points in the wind farm. Gaps and opportunities for improvement
  4. Supervision of installations in service regime with measurements, analysing the observed values ​​at each point of MV/HV. Taking measurements in groups of existing wind turbines to have basic information of the actual behaviour of each group of generation system, according to active and reactive energy
  5. Delivery of final report


D. Juan Rodriguez was the head and coordinator of the study, with input of material for its implementation from the Universities of A Coruña and Vigo.


The project has been finished since June 2003, having implemented the on-site findings and recommendations from the report.


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Estudio y supervisión de las instalaciones de AT/MT Sotavento Spanish 638 Kb
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